Ben Bartel

heads V1 Leasing in Waterford virginia

With a background of more than two decades in finance and management consulting, Ben Bartel previously led Avcraft Aviation LLC. He currently heads V1 Leasing, a regional aircraft-leasing-and-financing firm, which offers operating leases typically with terms of three to five years. The company has completed international transactions in the range of $1.7 million and has realized annual returns of 15 percent. Ben Bartel also heads Flock Management, LLC, which arranges creative financing for stable, revenue-generating businesses. These enterprises are frequently hampered in efforts to access traditional capital sources because of unusual business models or regulatory restrictions.

Ben also acts as a part-time CFO for companies unable to justify or afford this full-time position. In this capacity Ben often also acts as a management consultant for the businesses he's involved in.

Mr. Bartel earned his bachelor of science in business management at Ohio University and subsequently earned an MBA at New York University. Throughout much of the 1990s, he led Frankfurt, Germany-based Kabelmedia Holdings as CEO. The firm initially achieved strong organic growth throughout the former East Germany and ultimately expanded into the former West Germany. In the process, Mr. Bartel expanded Kabelmedia’s customer base from fewer than 10,000 to more than 400,000 cable television subscribers.

  • Work
    • Flock Management LLC
  • Education
    • Ohio University