Ben Brummitt

Leeds England United Kingdom

Ben Brummitt weaves a spell over listeners with his unique, soulful sound: a mixture of tech, techno, disco, minimal, and house blended with other flavors that make his music a breath of fresh air. Funky beats, mysterious riffs, and tranquil melodies interlace to create a dark, dreamy atmosphere of infinite possibility. Born in the UK in the late 80’s, Ben developed an interest in music early on in life. He spent his youth listening to a wide variety of genres, including Speed Garage, Trance, Pop, Chillout, Old School and Nu School. His diverse tastes helped to broaden his appreciation of music and gave him an penchant for individuality. After a friend introduced him to Propellerhead’s Reason software in 2009, Ben ventured into music production. He took a course at Leeds College of Music and began studying online as well, completing the courses around his day job. Between the classroom, online courses, hours of research and help from friends and other musical artists, his own unique sound began emerging naturally. When Ben discovered Ableton Live in 2011, his work took a huge leap forward. With its smooth interface and crisp, clean sound, the digital audio workstation gave him new tools to take his music to the next level. After that, he found himself becoming increasingly reclusive, staying in after work and spending his weekends in production while his friends were out partying. His passion for music became insatiable. Since then, Ben’s style has evolved from the more upbeat electronic sounds of House music to the darker bass lines and gloomy atmospherics of Deep House. He is currently working on several new projects in which he hopes to showcase his unique perspective on music. He knows that anyone can create songs based off of what’s “in,” but his goal is to create a diverse body of work that listeners can appreciate for its originality. When starting a track, Ben likes to sit for a while and think about what he is wanting to say with it. He admits, “my sound tends to be mood driven, and I never create tracks that I can’t relate to in some way.” His songs reflect his personal experiences, and together they tell his story: the journey of a man with a deep love for music who never gave up on his dream.