Bence Ádám

Duty Manager in Debrecen, Hungary

Bence Ádám

Duty Manager in Debrecen, Hungary

Hey there! My name is Bence Ádám and I currently reside in Debrecen, Hungary. Before submerging in the unfathomable depths of American Culture (and obtaining an MA degree in the process) I did the first year of the Performing Arts course at IT Sligo, Ireland as an Erasmus scholar. I have a degree in English Studies (with a Business English specilazation) and I also obtained a diploma in Cultural & European Union Translation.

I have had a few jobs as a translator/interpreter, e.g. managing linguistic issues of an international theatre research programme and translating various plays.

As far as former jobs go I was a Teaching Assistant at the Institute of English and American Studies at the English Department of my alma mater.

I joined Merlin IT as an English-speaking costumer service agent for a major European airline in June, 2013 where I worked as a part-time senior agent.

In the summer of 2013 I also began teaching English and Drama to refugee kids from virtually every corner of the world, so I'm slowly gathering experience in intercultural education as well.

In the middle of February, 2014 I got accepted into the huge British Telecom family, where I was first employed as a networking technician then moved on to be a Duty Manager, all under two years.

After a year and a half a Duty Manager I was promoted to be the Team Leader of a technical team of engineers working for a big name in automation.

In my free time I like to read (anything & everything, from quantum physics to teenage romances), walk (preferably while smoking my pipe stuffed with fine Virginia tobbacco), talk, act, direct, and generally marvel at the world. Oh, and calisthenics. I love calisthenics. And riding cannons. Or doing calisthenics while riding a cannon.

I speak Hungarian (my mother tongue) and English (native fluency), some Spanish (limited working proficiency), and a bit of Latin and German (both quite elementary).

  • Work
    • BT Global Services
  • Education
    • BA in English Studies
    • BA (Hons) in Performing Arts
    • MA in American Studies
    • EU Translator