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Benchmark Property Management

Benchmark Property Management, Inc., is recognized throughout the South Florida area for providing community associations with the services they need to prosper. Offering financial, administrative, operational, and consulting services, Benchmark Property Management is committed to facilitating the continued success of each of its clients.

For the convenience of its customers, Benchmark Property Management plans to begin providing online services in January 2012 as well. Utilizing AssociationVoice, a web-based homeowner's association management application, the new web service will allow members of other associations to connect to one another, distribute information, collect assessment payments and fees, and clarify policies and procedures. All online services offered by Benchmark Property Management through AssociationVoice will be hosted on a secure server, with all client data backed up in real time and protected by 128-bit encryption. Benchmark Property Management's web services will also include discussion forums and an online newsletter publisher. The application's efficiency and cost-effectiveness will allow Benchmark Property Management to expand its already extensive list of services.

Since its founding in 1987, Benchmark Property Management has acquired more than 100 community clients comprising nearly 15,000 units. Each of Benchmark Property Management's original four clients remain loyal customers to this day. Benchmark Property Management in Coral Springs, Florida, takes pride in having no financial interest in the supplementary services it provides to its clients. Instead, the company provides operational services through independent contractors selected by the Board of Directors. Owners and founders Bill and Barbara Sugarman communicate frequently with board members and continue to play active roles in the company.

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