Benjamin Condon


I’m a 24 y.o. sport loving, med student with a bad case of wanderlust. I am passionate about Public Health & Health Policy and want to forge a career that is defined by improving the health of individuals & our greater society. Preventative medicine, focusing on the whole person, rather than a disease/pathology is the future- and I believe will bring about better outcomes for every concerned.

My views are formed from a humanitarian perspective, not a political spectrum. I hope to be a small agent of positive change, in my community and around the world. I am passionate about "Closing the Gap" & Patient Centred Care. I currently volunteer with the Australian Institute of Patient and Family Centred Care and the HUSH foundation.

Before beginning my Medicine Degree at Deakin University, I have previously completed a Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne, majoring in cardiac and muscle & exercise physiology. I then completed my Honours year in the Department of Medicine at St Vincent's Hospital. My thesis was on GPR68- a proton-sensing GPCR, and its involvement in cardiac signalling following a myocardial infarction (heart attack).

In my spare time I love to surf, cycle and sip coffee with friends.

I am always looking for new experiences and new challenges. "Life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself."

"Be the change."

  • Work
    • Wingrove Medical Clinic, Fairfield
  • Education
    • The University of Melobourne- Bachelor of Biomedicine (Hons)
    • Deakin University- Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery