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Benjamin Coutu

entrepreneur and Software Engineer in Augsburg, Germany

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Benjamin is a German-Canadian software developer and entrepreneur. He is the Chief Technology Officer of ZeyOS, a business software startup which he co-founded in 2009 with his longtime friend Peter Haider in an effort to deliver a true end-to-end business software ecosystem to small and midsize companies worldwide.

Ben plays a leading role in the development of the core product, ZeyOS, a cloud-based platform for business applications with everything from e-mail and calendar to billing and inventory management. It enables businesses to run all of their essential day-to-day apps in one integrated environment. ZeyOS is focused on automating and extending workflows and provides reliable building blocks for business processes that can easily be customized.

Ben is also the creator of Zymba, a C-style programming language for web applications that is designed to be a best of bread of modern concepts known from PHP and JavaScript.

Outside of his professional life he is a science enthusiast and characterized as somewhat nerdy by his friends and family, best described as an extroverted introvert. He enjoys intellectual battles and likes to engage in philosophic discussions ranging from politics and economics to science and technology.

Apart from "Everything Computer" he has a deep interest in math, physics and astronomy, but also a refined sense of art and culture. Other hobbies include playing hockey, working out and travelling. He is a hardcore Trekker, loves sushi and roots for his home team, the Vancouver Canucks.

Benjamin considers himself a libertarian. His "faith" is best categorized as naturalistic pantheism.

  • Work
    • ZeyOS
  • Education
    • Universität Augsburg