Benjamin Higginbotham

Anaheim, CA

Executive Producer of Spacevidcast and Video Systems Administrator at SpaceX.

Knew at a young age that I wanted to produce live, national television. By the age of 21 I was directing and technical directing live national news programs. With that goal out of the way I opted to design the television studios that I so loved to run.

For about 5 years I worked in R&D for next generation television studio design. Great work, but I had an opportunity to work outside of television as the director of new technology at a small startup.

Television was in my blood, and while I may have left the proper TV industry, I still wanted to do something live. Spacevidcast was born, a live show all about the space and cosmos. As we progressed in Spacevidcast some people over at SpaceX took notice and asked that I pop over and help them fix up their live infrastructure. Several years later we're still going strong with both.

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