ben jon

i am an engineer presently working with kseb, the state owned power utility in kerala state. presently as the head of an office which caters to approximately 15000 consumers, i think i can make a difference to the quality of service to our customers. during 2007 - 2009 i could do that at a different place and my experience makes me confident that this time i can do better.

my office is in a rental building (owned by the local temple).

the roof is leaking in several places imagine the situation during this monsoon.

there is a toilet, but no running water. water supply to the area is once in a month or so

customers have to brave the rain or sun, while waiting for their turn to pay the bill.

i am planning to erect a shelter for the consumers, provide chairs for them to wait for their turn for payment, install a token system so that they can ensure their turn, provide a toilet with running water for them and have a television for them to watch while waiting.

i am also planning to provide printed forms free of charge for all their requirements.

only problem is that since the building is rented, the company will not be able to provide for any constructions. yes, the company will provide for the token system.

the building owner, the local temple trust, is almost bankrupt and have no funds or willingness for the devolopment we require.

my only option is to get kind hearted people to sponsor for all this. since the place is rural, it is very difficult to find good hearted people with enough money to spare.

but, i am not worrying. i started at the new place only last week, i am sure i will find some way.

total funds needed is around 3.0 lakhs. if you all find a spark in this, i will manage nicely with a lakh to spare

see, this is my office building