Bendar Alsadhan

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

That social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will continue to play an important role in Social mobility in the Arab world, particularly in the younger population. The first report on social media in the Arab world to the growing number The total users of Facebook in the Arab world by 78 percent from 11.9 million User in January January 2010 to 21.3 million in December of the year Itself. The report noted that young people representing 75 percent of Facebook users in the countries Arab. the report showed that Saudi Arabia came in first place Between the countries of the Arab world in terms of using Facebook as 45 percent of the population have Accounts on the site. Also were among the more than ten countries in the world used for the location of where Population. "I assured the events in both Tunisia and Egypt on the strength and means of social communication in The organization of social movements in the Arab world. "These sites have been able to reach the mass segment and the wide range of young people in a number of countries Arab world, where that 225 million Arabs are under the age of thirty ... I changed the means of Social communication patterns of the flow of information in most Arab societies.