Ben Dehghan

Yeah, I'm a Canadian engineer from UofT, graduated in 2000. Went to worked on a startup that didn't start up :( So on to Seattle I went to do some cool things at Microsoft, like speech recognition, research online communities (we call that "social" now...) and used C# when it was cool and new and beta. But got seduced by living the student lifestyle again so to Michigan I went for an MBA ('05-'07).

Back then, Amazon was pre-kindle and still "small" and I really liked books. So I joined them for a few years. Launched a wine store called AmazonWine (really cool, but didn't launch externally) and to ran part of a grocery store called AmazonFresh (still running a beta in Seattle). But why work for The Man when you have a chance to change the world on your own terms?

So I'm now living the life. The real life. Free of attachements. Until we get funded that is...