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☄ bender rodriguez ☄

☄ bender rodriguez ☄

🌙 hello! call me bender. 🌙

⭐️ i am currently dating a wonderful boy named eric! ⭐️

☀️ my qpp is stan! ☀️

☁️ i have been professionally diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, bpd, and bipolar disorder. ☁️

🎐 my tags: abuse (any in general), fatherly figures, irl gore, & leela from futurama (she brings back horrible kin memories) 🎐

❣ please talk to me about my interests! these include: south park, futurama, superjail!, vocaloid, homestar runner, & earthbound/mother ❣

my identity!

‼️ bender is not a kin. i am the literal embodiment of bender, so please don’t follow if you know anyone that thinks they’re me, or if you believe you’re me! this is me, and i believe that i am the only bender. the only real one, at least. ‼️

💐 not even kins, these are also 100% me! (DO NOT FOLLOW IF WE SHARE THESE IDS, OR IF YOU BELIEVE SOMEONE ELSE IS ME) 💐

pip pirrup: both south park & great expectations! (same characters, different universes)

teto kasane: utau

💓 main (don't follow) 💓

jeff andonuts: earthbound 0

tweek tweak: south park

tei sukone: utau

✨not as important (ask to follow) ✨

lord stingray: superjail!

pokey minch: earthbound 0, 1, 2

☘ synpaths (ok to follow!) ☘

kitaro: gegege no kitaro

kyle broflovski: south park

poland: hetalia

🍂 questioning (ask to follow)🍂

mephistopheles: welcome to hell

strong bad: homestar runner

if you have a problem with any of my kins/synpaths, feel free to dm me so we can talk about it.

please dont follow if you:

follow @pachkuz (dm for info on why), @irlshadow (person i wish to not interact with), @aizenkunitoshi (transphobe, pedophile, racist), and/or @notbanned (transphobe, white supremacist, homophobe) on instagram and are good friends with them,

are anti-otherkin, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, etc,

wont see me as my kins,

or follow someone whom thinks they're me

well that’s all for now! to know that you read this, please put “frender is gay” in the message/dm you send to me. and please; don’t be afraid to talk to me. i love making friends!