Ben Dexter

Ben Dexter

Half creative/half nerd, Ben, uses his Jekyll and Hyde-like skills to wrangle IT, demystify online technologies and design successful marketing strategies for business owners the world over. Having spent his formative years building a strong skills base in the IT industry, Ben worked as a CRM database specialist, IT manager and systems specialist.

During this time he worked alongside numerous high profile clients, among them, Kodak, Yamaha, the Business Council Australia and Vic Super. With a solid IT skill set in place, it wasn’t long before Ben’s entrepreneurial spirit took centre stage.

In 2008 Ben founded Indietech, a web design and marketing agency. What started as a two-person team, has since grown to employ a sharp, passionate team of strategists, designers, coders and copywriters. Indietech has built an impressive list of clients has been become Australia's #1 service provider for Infusionsoft (US-based marketing automation software).

As result, Indietech has forged its name in the industry as one of Australia's top online marketing automation specialists. Indietech’s success can largely be attributed to Ben’s driving passion for IT and online technologies, his ability to translate geek, his sound business management skills and his capacity to think creatively.

Ben also spent 6 years rocketing around the lands playing Rock'n'roll to the masses (see 67 Special).

Nowadays, Ben keeps his drumkit close but prefers 'puntership'.