Zac Bendrey


Welcome to my about me profile I'm Zac Bendrey, I am the age of 18, and live in Brisbane, Australia

I currently attend SAE and i am doing a Bachelor of graphic design. I am interested in getting a job in graphic design after completing this course. I have a passion for skateboarding and have been skateboarding for 8 years with it occupying the majority of my spare time and interest. I am also interested in photography especially skateboarding photography i recently started to enjoy tanking film photos and find it a more enjoyable experience then digital photography as you have to think more about the shot. My dream career would be to bring my love of skateboarding together with graphic design with doing design work in the skateboarding industry.

I hope by the end of my course I have achieved becoming a professional in the field of graphic design and also have developed many pieces of design work that i am proud of and show my artistic and creative direction.

Link to a review of a design -


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