Ben Dulay

I am a Christ-follower, a dreamer, a coffee drinker, a romantic, a poet, a road tripper, a night owl & an early bird, a photographer, a smoothie maker, a noticer of things gone unnoticed, a beauty breather. Oh and I guess I am a graphic designer, a musician, and a blogger. (The latter sentence is probably more relevant to your interest in reading into my profile.) Ultimately, this life is just too short to waste our potential to do great things. Whether we have the most impressive resume on paper or not, our ability to reach new heights is endless. Anyone can make a difference. This world is hurting. So you better figure out how you can be a difference maker and join the effort to bring more joy to the people around you.

The last two years and eight months consisted of making drinks the smooth way. However unrelated that is to my actual passions of art and music, I have taken more invaluable life lessons from Jamba Juice than you would think. What have I learned from the Jamba life you may ask? Well for one, that people are fragile. Some customers walk up to the counter wanting to share their bad days and complaints. And others are so kind, gentle, and sincere that you either want to date them instantly or want to be kindred spirits for the rest of your life. But both Type A and Type B in this instance wants to be loved, understood, and listened to. I have also learned how to be an encourager, to find peace in tumultuous situations, and to accept challenges confidently.

  • Education
    • San Diego State University