Bene Streubel

I'm a French woman, married to a German guy, mother of 3 and I live in the Bay Area (San Francisco) since August 2010. Slowly but surely I am trying to learn about the American people, their culture and their way of living. I believe I have found my way between my french traditions and my new country habits. I won't say that it is always easy. But for sure this represents a fantastic experience. I've lived in 5 different countries on 3 different continents and obviously this brought a lot of diversity in my life. Food-wise, among others, I have been exposed to a huge array of tastes and quality. Tradition-wise, I've learned the place that people give to a meal in their life: some just use food to be fed, others need to sit and share that moment around a delicious home made dish. I would have never realized all that if I hadn't lived in several places in the world. We tend to take for granted that our lives are run about the same way than in another western country. Apparently not!
I would like to share my traditions and show my friends and readers that French cooking is accessible to everyone. It even is pretty easy. This might require some changes, might need to adopt new reflexes...but it is doable, believe me.