Benedek Heilig

Student, Web Developer, and Software Engineer in Budapest, Hungary

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Writing a bio is pretty hard for me and while it might sound weird, but I'm actually proud of that. Why, you ask? Because who and what I am is not set in stone, and I think the only way to move forward in today's world is to be willing to change when necessary.

There are things 'tho that are true about me generally, so if you are still reading and want to know who I am, I'm going to give you a general picture.

I'm a young man currently studying to become a Software Developer. In my case, computer science and programming first came as a hobby that grew into a professional interest, and I think it's a very important and positive thing in my life. Few people can afford to do what they love while being paid pretty well, and I'm lucky enough to be doing that (and pretty well, I think). The spark of my passion for programming started when as a 12 year-old boy, I could not understand how webpages worked. "Were there people assembling and sending the data to me whenever I requested it? That can't be, it's too fast... But then how does it work?" That's when I started to look at PHP code, which was the main backend of the web back then. To this day, I don't know how I figured out how it worked with limited English knowledge, but somehow I did. And I'm very glad I did.

Since then I've had some great teachers and I now have a pretty good understanding of how things work from top to bottom. I'm not an expert of everything from transistorsthroughassembly to python, but I do know generally how things work, which only made my passion and amazement grew for computing. I've been really lucky to get to a high school where we had some great and dedicated computer science teachers (and a computer science specialization too!), and that allowed me to get into my country's top university in this field.

I hope I can make good use of this knowledge in the future, creating software that helps people's lives on an everyday basis. That would be the ultimate professional goal for me - doing something that I love, I'm good at and what helps people.

Otherwise, my life is not a hard one. I don't live in a war zone, or under oppression. I'm lucky to live in this time, and in this place. I have some mundane everyday problems (which I sometimes make a big fuss of), but nothing groundbreaking. I'm glad for everything, even the hardships because they made me who I am today. Have a nice day! :)

  • Education
    • Budapest University of Technology and Economics