Maria Alejandra Benedetti Aparicio

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER in Cartagena, Colombia

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My name is Maria, my second name is Alejandra, my last name is Benedetti Aparicio. I am 22 years old and my birthday is on april 25 th. I live in the city of Cartagena in Colombia. My address is neighborhood Spain street sevilla # 29-21. My cell number is 3218916692 and my email is . I am student of TECNOLOGICO COMFENALCO, my favorite subject in school is to mathematics. I'll be an industrial engineering soon, I work in the administrative deparment of Cafesalud Eps.

In my family we are 3 people. My husband, my daugther and me. My husband is business manager, he is 25 years old and he works at zenu company, my daugther's preschool student is 2 years old and studying in Comfenalco.

I would like to be a singer because I like to travel around the world. My hobby is playing the guitar, I love music. I don't like war movies because they are very ugly. I like romantic movies.

My favorite food is spaghetti, they are very delicious, I love Italian food. My favorite drink is coconut lemonade. My favorite day on the week is friday because I can relax a bit. My favorite singer is shakira, I like her songs. My favorite place is BOCAGRANDE I love the beaches and do watch the sunset by the sea. My favorite sport is athletics. My favorite color is purple.

My hair is black and smooth, my eyes ar dark brown, my nose is a little big, my lips are thin and my ears are small. I suppose I am Clear. I am thin I have 54 kg weight, My height is 1.60 cm

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