Benedict Koenig IV

As Co-Founder of Heritage Eats, Napa's new fast-fine restaurant, Ben is committed to incorporating global inspirations and philanthropy into all aspects of business. An avid traveler, in 2014 he spent considerable time backpacking through the Middle East and Asia – an experience that helped inspire the Heritage Eats brand. Prior to his travels, Koenig worked with hospitality design and concept firm AvroKO, serving as Assistant General Manager at The Thomas Restaurant in Napa. Prior to forging a career in hospitality, Koenig worked at Goldman Sachs in New York City. A native of New Jersey, Koenig graduated with a degree in Economics from New York University.

About Heritage Eats: Fast-fine food establishment serving high-quality, globally-inspired cuisine at an accessible price. The menu offers unexpected combinations of wraps, sandwiches, salads and rice bowls featuring heritage breed proteins and a global mix of traditional street food flavors. The food draws inspiration from South America, South East Asia, Northern Africa and beyond.