Benedict Olberding

Mortgage professional Benedict Olberding has served as the owner of GO Consulting since 2012. At his Davidson, North Carolina, office, Olberding provides guidance on marketing, information technology, and management to businesses in the mortgage industry. Prior to this position, Benedict Olberding owned Southern States Mortgage Company, Inc., where he was named Top Broker Originator in 2011 and became a top producing loan officer.

In his spare time, Olberding pursues a number of hobbies, including maintaining saltwater aquariums. New to the hobby, he bought a 90-gallon saltwater tank and in 9 months had added a 70-gallon fish only aquarium, a 150-gallon reef aquarium, a 220-gallon reef aquarium, and a 420-gallon fish-only aquarium to his collection. Despite the time and expense related to upkeep, Benedict Olberding finds it a rewarding experience that teaches him about multiple sciences and allows him to care for hundreds of pets. Aside from aquariums, Olberding also enjoys boating, classic cars, and film.