Benedikte Rasmussen

Bergen Norway

Norwegian woman, mum to baby Bella, hobbywriter ( and author of one national published book about burnout and how to get your health and life back step by step . Born and raised in a beautiful little pearl of a town on the westcoast of Norway, called Bergen.

I love life and love peaceful moments with other people in inspiring situations. Still I find myself far to often caught up in everyday life with scheduals, to little time and some drops of occational drama. This is of couse reality for most of us, but I still like to remind myself that all I have to do is to open up my eyes and let myself be inspired by things I have around me. Besides my family and of couse my little princess, the country I live in is the proudest part of me. As one of the most peaceful countries in the world I really find Norway inspiring. I also find food, beautiful chocolate, fruit and vegetables, easy recipes, Do-I-dear-to-try-that-recipes:-) foodprograms on TV, Scandinavian design, Magic superfood ingridiens and Kitchen gadgets very fun and inspiring.

So I write about that. Norwegian traditions, our peaceloving culture, internationale food and recipes. And of couse there is chocolate and cake. I have to write about cake also. It might not be good for my thighs, but it is always balm for my soul.

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