Benedikt Parstorfer

People Enablement Manager in New York

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Hi there! Meet me, Benedikt:

I'm a happy New Yorker (since January 2014). As the People Enablement Manager for a SaaS company in digital consumer intelligence, I'm responsible for the development, strategy and delivery of enablement content for our commercial teams.

Over the last few years, I collected significant experience in training, teaching, public speaking and project management. As a consultant and project manager with an early-stage startup, 9 Levels, I co-developed assessment tools for value measurement, helped certify 120+ trainers and develop the business through marketing and sales.

I became an expert in the Graves model and co-authored a book on the matter to make it accessible for a broader audience.

The first time I heard about Graves was during my NLP Trainer certification in Vienna. I knew this was not just another theory, but something greater, a theory that pretty much explained everything.

I consider myself a highly effective and empathic communicator and have a passion for education, personal development, and public speaking. In my spare time, I actively participate in a Toastmasters group, take lessons in improv theater and run a lot (New York Marathon finisher, 2016 & 2018).

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