Michael Benenati

Philadelphia, Pa Usa

Life is a joke, but for some reason, nobody around me is laughing. They're all too scared of what they can't do. Anything is possible. At least, it is if we should so think. No matter what our previous thoughts were, or the assumptions that we felt secure with, there is always progress to be made. Another step higher than before. One of the biggest things about myself, is that I am a die-HARD Green Bay Packers fan (owner), and as such, I feel there is no one better to sum these statements up than Vince Lombardi, when he said,

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence."

That statement is what I hold to be truth. We are all human and we will make mistakes. But as long as we keep trying to improve, keep looking for that progression to be made and refrain from repeating our prior mis-steps, we lift the limits to our imagination and what we can accomplish.

Currently, I am still a part of the education system at Temple University. This is my last semester as an Advertising student, which has forced me to decide what to do 'after' college. What I found is that Advertising is fun, and makes a good back-up plan. But what I am passionate about is helping resurrect Philadelphia back to the Nation's capital that it once was. The treatment and state of the City of Philadelphia is truly indicative of where the rest of this country is headed. That's why I have decided that I will devote everything I do from here on out to redeveloping Philadelphia. If you think you have the same view or feelings as me, let's get in contact. No one can do this by themselves. But that does not mean that we cannot do it all. On every block I am asked for it, and I usually say I don't have any. But now, and for Philadelphia, I think I've got some change.

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