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Benene Craig

Benene Craig

I am Benene Craig. As an educator of over 20 years, I love the work I do and the kids I am blessed to have in my classes!

Currently in a 3rd grade classroom for the last four years, I had been moved out of my comfort zone of middle school where I had spent the previous 20 years! This challenge and opportunity has allowed me to grow as a teacher and a learner. I enjoy getting to work with these younger learners, even as I miss my eighth graders!

I am adding to my knowledge of technology and its use in the classroom at every opportunity! Recently, I attended a Google Education summit in Rialto where I learned that I have much more to learn! Technology is changing daily, and we have to change, grow, and learn with it! Presently, I am enrolled in a certification class for Leading Edge certification for teachers. It's another step into the future-- the future that is NOW!!