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The writer/director of this film would only be discovered by the general public is he went broke and pulled over a liquor store. The cast will be the Blacksheep squadron of the movie world. An A summary of nobodies. The most known celebrity in this attempt also appeared in obscure reality tv program, Joe Schmo. In case you were only with all this information regarding the picture, a reasonable conclusion is the film should only be broadcast on Mystery Science Theater 3000 or late at night when nobody is conscious, or sober. Oddly enough however, this film works.

What many people don't learn about writer/director, David James, is that he's, in the truest sense of the phrase, a real rounder. Although he is seen, year in and year out, hanging around World Series of Poker events like a remora hangs onto a shark, he's a coinsurer of the ring game. Be taught more on an affiliated portfolio by navigating to source. This love of the game along with his knowledge and history gives a reality to the movie that's rare in poker shows.

Unlike Rounders which follows a linear tale line, The Big Blind has more of the Pulp Fiction feel to it. You will find numerous plots and story lines which center across the Lake Elsinore casino. John suitably interlocks these vignettes to make a wonderful cinematic tapestry concerning the events in and around the poker world.

The game it self includes a wide selection of personalities and celebrities. This truth is not lost in the movie. Rather than zeroing in using one stereotype, David James makes many various personalities. Really art resembling real-life.

If your enjoyment of poker isn't limited to the game it-self, but the environment as well, you will benefit From The Big Blind. The gritty reality that is displayed in this picture leaves you with the sensation that the events may be happening at your favorite casino at anytime. If you're trying to find star power though, I would suggest you get rent some quality picture like Gigli.

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