Bengal Speech

Hearing and Speech Solution Clinic in India

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BengalSpeech is one of the leading clinic for helping speech and hearing impaired persons in India. Bengal Speech and Hearing Private Limited took its first step in the arena of private practice on 15th of August, 2006. Since then It has helped numerous people.

BengalSpeech provides various services to the physically challenged people who are having problems in hearing or speaking. Our key facilities are:

1.Audiological Evaluations

2.Hearing Aid Trial

3.Speech and Language

4.Swallowing Diagnostics and Therapy

5.Electrophysiological Testing

6.Voice and Vestibular Evaluation.

We provide services like

1.Hearing Aid Trial

2.Cochlear Implant

3.Speech therapy

4.Tympanometry and


With BengalSpeech you will get the best therapy and treatment for your problem. Our experts have extensive knowledge in this field. We have our presence in many cities across all India. To know more about us please visit our website.

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