In which world or society do we want to live, and how do we do that? Both are good starting points to formulate fruitful questions and to unveil the fundamental structure(s) of our world(s) and its interior dynamics. We can start to ask:

who we are

what is (our / a) society

what means living

what means doing, what means doing the right and not doing the wrong

what means I - you - we - the other

what was prior me - you - us - our society

what will be after me - you - us - our society

what are the roots of our world / society

what are my roots and my future

what is my - yours - our being and becoming

what kind of structure and heritage I - we will leave

what did we change or/and construct

what are my - our - your limits

what are the limits of our methods we use to change the present and to shape and build the future

We can treat with these questions in two ways. First, we can use them to find better and sharper questions challenging us to find good and practical solutions in the knowledge that we can not really reply but transform such a question into a powerful concept. Of course, every such concept shifts and shapes our society and gives back new challenges. And the wheel of recursion starts again. Second, we can belief, strongly belief to find true and timeless answers.

These questions are not just bloody academic baubles. Everyday we are facing technological and social decisions related to them and vice versa. Though, we have to stop a few moments and reflecting about the structure, about the interdependences and mutual influences, this is means reflecting - and we have to learn and we ought to re-learn it every day.

I would love to discuss with you several aspects of life, modeling social, technical and biological phenomenon, and esp. its philosophical reflections.

Some of my interests and projects:

Philosophy of data and self-determination

Quantitative aspects of justice and fairness

sophiamia - philosophy ^.^ children