We must hold the Obama adminstration accountable for the Benghazi Massacre and Cover Up! The only path to truth and justice is through a Select Committee.

The top 5 reasons only a Select Committee can get to the truth:

Barack Obama is a proven liar. He lied about Benghazi from the beginning and tried to deceive the American people and the world about the reasons behind the Benghazi Massacre. Remember the YouTube Video?

Barack Obama rewards liars and those who cover up for him...Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder to name a few.

The Standing Committees can not subpoena INTELLIGENCE. The truth lies within classified documents and witnesses testimony to which they do not have access.

The Congressional Members of the Standing Committees do not have the REQUISITE CLEARANCES to read or access classified information. Any documents the Standing Committee receives would likely be completely REDACTED.

Fast and Furious: The Standing Committees GAVE UP on Fast and Furious when the President stonewalled them. Instead of pursuing the case for Brian Terry's murder with increased vigor when Obama and Holder did everything they could to hide the truth, the Standing Committees simply dropped the case. Why? Because the Standing Committees did not have the legal power that a Watergate-style Select Committee has to thoroughly investigate.
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