Brad English

I've been at Baker Communications, Inc since Sept 2004. I Started in sales and then moved into the facilitation side in Aug 2007. I've also done some content development here and there. I guess that qualifies me for "jack of all trades."

I tend to be the go-to guy for all things technology -, WebEx, email, webcams, etc. It's fine by me - I kinda like the stuff.

Born and bred in the suburbs of Houston - I grew up in Sugar Land and now live in Cypress, TX. I got my undergrad from Texas A&M in business; and my Masters in Human Resources at Houston Baptist University. I'm a hometown sports fan: Astros, Texans, and Aggies - sticking with them even when they stink!

I also love movies, TV, general pop culture, and theology. And I have way too many movie and TV references in my classes!