Ben Goddard

Clearwater, Florida

I truly love writing. Creativity is hardcoded into my DNA. Drafting worlds, crafting characters, and exploring new situations are the experiences that I live for. Storytelling brightens my day, lifts my soul, keeps me going. My passion for creating is why I write screenplays, dabble in authoring Interactive Fiction, and love movies so much.

I need a good challenge. Even if I cannot solve a specific puzzle to completion, I can break it down and find a structured means to an answer, enabling other teammates to approach it better.

I’ve always had a desire to soak up information and analyze things that I don’t fully understand. I love diving into the rabbit hole to absorb details and background. I truly enjoy figuring out why things work the way they do, or trying to determine why people are attracted to certain things the way they are. I take great pleasure in being a Subject Matter Expert in my life’s passions.

I wear my geek badge proudly. Computers, video games, movies, toys and comic books will never fail to get my heart racing. It’s who I am; it’s who I always will be. In that way, I’m a kid at heart. But I know that hard work, selective focus, and a team mentality are required components of any successful career.

I naturally make people laugh. I might a bit of an introvert by nature, but this only works to my advantage when I catch someone off guard with a strange or witty remark. I love comedy, as it keeps the mood light and draws people together.

I always see the positive side in any situation. My friends say this is one of my strongest attributes.

I am driven by desire to tell great stories, passion for creating and optimizing my work, and love for perfecting what I do.

  • Work
    • Technical Writer
  • Education
    • Southern New Hampshire University
    • North Shore Community College