Ben Gruber

New York, NY

Ben is an avid entrepreneur, that suffers from extreme optimism and an overly healthy case of skepticism. To fuel his pursuits Ben has developed a unique mix of skills that include marketing, web analytics, web development, and web/package design. But Ben's true specialty resides in understanding consumers, which he uses to develop web/mobile/offline applications that give users new avenues for interaction.


Ben is the founder of Kind of Genius Media, a company that specializes in projects that engage urban professionals 20 to 40. At Kind of Genius, Ben wears many hats from Developer to Designer to Business Development - whatever the current project needs to reach its fullest potential.

What Once Was:

For 5+ years, Ben was the vice president at ClearMetrics, and a strategic manager at ISL Consulting, a pair of integrated companies that provide digital marketing strategy and development.

Ben subsequently served as president at Life Stage Media, where he led a global development team and steered the operations and online marketing for a line-up of social content sites aimed at users in discrete life stages, such as dating, marriage, death and parenthood.

Ben also developed and executed a long-term strategy for the development of Life Stage’s sites that culminated in their purchase by national brands.

  • Work
    • Kind of Genius LLC
  • Education
    • University of Dealware