Bengt Littorin

I am a Marine Biologist that has crawled up on dry land. I have always worked with different aspects of environment, from the right to access environmental information as in the Aarhus convention to sustainable business strategies to make things happen in the companies, but also to communicate the beauty of nature in video and picture. I love filmmaking and do it whenever given the opportunity. Both at work and on my spare time. I also love networking and questions of how to connect people, so social media is one of my focus. It is in the meeting with new people and different viewpoints that new ideas take shape, and I like that. I believe that diversity, also in a social context, is relevant and important. All kinds of virtual meetings are important tools thats make this happen in a larger scale. We live in an exciting time when this is possible and we have just started to explore the possibilities. I lead the webinar series "Socialamedier: affärsnytta" #ssmw about the business value in socialmedia.