Stephannie Benhamu

Stephannie Benhamu is a Chicago based artist with a strong Venezuelan background, concentrating in Photography and Painting. She currently attends the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in pursuit of her BFA.

As a photographer, I mostly shoot isolated, secluded places. Mostly working in digital and color film, the different formats allow me to witness various viewpoints within the landscapes. Unlike digital photography, color film allows me to take in the artificial lighting that I provide, as well as the ambient lighting. Through long exposures, reciprocity occurs in the film, allowing for the image to retain an inverse lighting relationship.

The importance of addressing the spatial and psychological connections that exist between the viewer and the images is essential to the development of my work. One is permitted to explore the idea of the emotional landscape and briefly exist in a vacuum, devoid of time and control. The minimal ambiance of each photograph permits the viewer to see, feel, and experience what would otherwise be overlooked. I like to seduce the viewer with fantastical spaces and dreamlike environments, as I am seduced by the night.


Images of my paintings, they deal with illogical spaces and the viewers ability to navigate them however they choose.