BEN HEWITT: Conversationism


Ben Hewitt is a coach and consultant. He spends his days having inspiring conversations with leaders and their teams, exploring professional artistry, business growth, poetry, creativity and potential. Together with his clients he fosters the conditions for these qualities to flower, weaving relevant aspects of his own unique journey into each discussion, helping people to develop authentic, core-focussed organisations. His approach guides and supports people through each phase of growth, working with innovators and visionairies on the optimisation of their life's work. He lives in London with his partner Laura and their baby daughter, Eve.

"Ben was tasked with training 3 teams of high performers to push themselves and their collective thinking, and find innovative commercial solutions. His own mix of coaching innovation and business insight helped them move their minds into new paradigms of thought. The process really shifted the status quo in our business."

Martin Leong, Director, Nationwide

'The way I see Ben's work is not only as a business consultant. In my experience he helps the client tune in and find their vision, as well as accumulate energy and focus to actually manifest it. He does this in a directive yet non-intrusive way that fosters growth and stability.'

Veronika Kloucek, Founder, Lucid Living


Skype: ben.hewitt1

Phone: +44 7776 131 138