Ben Hodges


Pioneering in nature and never one to sit on the sidelines, Ben Hodges takes his active and charismatic nature to each and every game he plays in. From educating and leading others as a certified trainer, team leader and expert barman, Ben has not only showcased his creative and professional expertise through hands-on training, education and service, but he has also exemplified the definition of loyal and team player as one of the leading bartenders in the Craftworks organization.

He also puts his creative and professional expertise to use as a Social Media Strategist at Financial Social Media. From creative and technical projects to account monitoring and management, Ben's ability to adapt and learn quickly define what it means to utilize social media successfully.

Finally, Ben's entrepreneur nature can be found in his ability to build and nurture exciting small business ventures. From beautiful photography to personal and artistic beverage catering to an up and coming snowboard business that gives avid snowboarders the ability to venture out in the back country and experience everything it has to offer, Ben's motivation to succeed can be seen in everything he does.

Outside of his myriad personal and professional ventures, you can probably find Ben out in the beautiful Colorado mountains - snowboarding, trail running, mountain biking, and dipping his hands (and feet!) into everything the world has to offer.