Benjamin Howell

Benjamin Howell

Benjamin Howell is a private tutor working in and around Birmingham, where he has lived for the majority of his life.

He was educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham, between September 2001 and July 2008. He is immeasurably proud of his association with KES and remembers his days there with nostalgic fondness. Following this, he shifted to suburban London and took a BA in Classics at Royal Holloway College.

Upon graduating, his intention was to pursue a career in law. As a means of earning while studying, Ben took up tutoring as an aside. It wasn't long before tutoring became the focus, as it provide more enjoyment and greater rewards than the prospect of work in the legal sector.

A few years have passed since his inaugural meeting with his first student. Now well-established in the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Staffordshire, Ben offers academic support weekly to dozens of students in a number of subjects. His favourite part of the job is seeing students approach their work with renewed confidence because he feels it's an area often overlooked in academic development. There are few things more satisfying than contributing to the success of others, and Ben relishes any opportunity to use his skills to a positive, beneficial end.

Ben holds many and varied interests and, when not working, pursues his passion for loud guitars (much to the displeasure of his neighbours). He is a weekend warrior on the basketball court (despite his modest stature) and an avid reader: he tries to get through two books a month (somewhat strangely, keeping a spreadsheet to track his progress...) Plonk him in Middle Earth or the Star Wars universe and he would blend in like a local.

Away from all that, he has a well-cultivated, individual style, which he maintains with regular retail therapy.