Ben Hudd

Minister of The Gospel of Jesus in Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Having served in the British Army for nearly ten years, I became a born again believer in Jesus Christ thirteen years ago and began the long journey of transformation, leading to having been ordained as Baptist Minister. I am married to Nicole, have three daughters and live in Sheffield. I'm passionate about seeing God's Kingdom come and the flow of His love that this brings. I both work for Flame International, a Christian Ministry that ministers the love of Jesus to set people free from the pain and trauma from war, terror or oppression, and oversee organic, Kingdom Families that are journeying back to the roots of His ekklesia and redescovering church. I'm also passionate about accepting all and loving unconditionally, however tough that is sometimes. This is mainly because of who I was, where i've been and what i've seen. Jesus gives us nothing less and so demands that we give nothing less than unconditional love, however challenging that love can be.

I play a few instruments badly, am a keen skiier (now in my dreams) and spend most of my evenings and weekends being entertained by my cheeky children.

Alongsie his part-time work for Flame International, Ben and his family live completely by faith financially, not receiving any formal salary or stipend from the church. This break from looking to the church for provision helps them to remain Kingdom focused. If you would like to sow into their lives, please follow the link below.