Beniamin Pytlinski

Writer, Small Business Owner, and Father in Warszawa, Polska

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I am living in Poland - Warsaw. I am a licensed Tour Leader and Warsaw City Guide. I wish I could find a job in this regard. I just love to


with my lovely wife, collect experiences and views or stay in nature. I visited many places and Cities in Europe and I was almost everywhere in Poland. This will nerver stop!

Warsaw needs a lot of patience, careful words and respect, because of the history. That's why I decided to learn about this City and speak in the name of it. I invide you to MyWarsaw photo blog.

In January 2014 I started a one-man buissnes: Tourism Services Beniamin Pytlinski. December 2014 is the last month I work in the Polish Tourist Organisation.

NOW I am having a great role of the City Porter Warsaw. is a portal where you can book apartments. I taking care about tourists comming to Warsaw City. I guid them, I advise them, I drive them and I am kind to them, that they feel like home. I INVITE YOU! (click the link below)

In addition:

I've been writing for ten years and this is my biggest passion. I published last year my debut: "Mówię z pamieci" (Story of Memory). I already finished my second book "Warm feelings" (got into the finals in the national competition) and it will be published this year. Now I am writing my third book "Guardian Angel of an Evil Man", its almost finished.

I released my debut book as an e-book on under the flag of my own publishing house, founded in November 2014 - Żywioły (The Elements)

So! When you are going to visit Warsaw, then contact me, I try to show you the city from all its sides, the good and the bad.

Best Wishes!

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