Benigna Marko

Formerly the Assistant Director of Administration and Operations with the Miami-Dade County of Florida’s Department of Planning and Zoning, Benigna Marko possesses more than 20 years of experience in the leadership of county divisions and programs. Talented at coordinating staff, capital, and operations, Benigna Marko maintains sustainable growth within her assigned division.

In her most recent role, Benigna Marko instituted a number of positive changes, including the implementation of the region’s initial Electronic Document Management System, which allowed for more efficient archiving and evaluation and eliminated paper waste. Marko further improved the Department of Planning and Zoning with the design and execution of a lien collection program that targeted outstanding code failure fees; the initiative remains active today and garners more than $2 million each year.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of her community in various regards, Benigna Marko supported the Miami-Dade area during its period of crisis following 2005’s Hurricane Wilma by drafting and supervising a gasoline project that coordinated media members, emergency personnel, and the 311 Information Center to better alert the public to available fuel sources.

Employed by the County for 26 years, Benigna Marko has held a variety positions throughout her tenure. First hired into the Public Works Department’s Solid Waste Disposal Division and Personnel Services, Mrs. Marko shortly rose to the role of Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Director. She continued to advance and secured posts that included Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of the county; Building and Zoning (B&Z) Systems and Administration Manager; B&Z Code Administrator; and Regulation Division Chief of Planning, Development, and Regulation Department.

Committed to her community professionally and otherwise, Benigna Marko frequently volunteers to assist her neighbors with various projects. She holds a Bachelor of Public Administration as well as Master of Public Administration from Florida International University.