Ninoy Buenaventura


Specializes in making things "effectively" beautiful and in bringing a huge smile on people’s faces.

I have more than ten years of experience as a Creative Designer in Print and Web and had experienced working with different people from different parts of the world that includes Oman, Dubai, Morocco, United Kingdom and United States.

I worked as an Art Director in Muscat where I gained my first recognition in Oman Web Awards as "The Best Website" in 2007 and won third place in Pan Arab Awards in 2008.

Also contributed in design conceptualization of the Land of Frankincense Museum in Salalah, I can say this is one of the most creative works I did in my entire life where it open to alot of opportunities to work with the Diwan of the Royal Court in Muscat.

Over the years, I also worked as a freelance consultant/designer for my number one fan client in Oman who established their companies in Morocco and in Dubai; Also an experimental photographer in my own right, I have art-directed photo shoots for KFC, Macdonalds and Oman Royal History museum, as well as SMDC - Planetairum in Mall of Asia Pasay City, Philippines.

Currently holding a position as an Assistant Manager / Head of Creatives in Straight Arrow Corporation - a Creative Process Outsourcing company in the Philippines. This place is awesome! People are Fun, Rewarding after a hard day's work and this is the place where I learned more about servant leadership. As the head of creative design team, I help my team defy expectations, improve brands, products and imagery at its best and make things look good and look better.

I once have a comment from a Country Manager of Mazda looking at my work and said... "There's a big difference when you design and it looks good, and when you design and explain why it looks good. But there's a big impact when you don't need to explain at all"

  • Work
    • Head of Creative Design
  • Education
    • CSD - Programming
    • Bachelor of Music - Major in Guitar