Ben Isenstein

business analyst in Madrid, Spain

Current Account Exec at Yelp. Graduated Washington University in St. Louis in 2014. 2x Major in Econ/Finance. Past internships were with Nissan and Random House in their financial planning depts. Before that, editorial intern for Lerner Publishing.

First business accomplishment was being promoted from envelope stuffing to running the slitter for my dad's printing company at 14. Played varsity baseball at WUSTL for a year and a half, didn't see the field. One of the few true pickup basketball standouts at WUSTL. Still searching for a good game in SF.

Anchorman is the greatest movie in the history of modern cinema. Also love 70s/80s detective books and mid 90s/2000s fantasy books about orphaned wizards who grow up to defeat voldemort.

People who influence(d) me: Michael Jordan, Will Ferrell, Elon Musk, Horace Dediu, Bill Simmons, Dumbledore, Stringer Bell, Luke Froeb, Family and Friends

  • Work
    • Yelp
  • Education
    • University School of Nashville
    • Washington University in St. Louis