Hollis Livingston

I'm not sure exactly how many people have observed or even attention, but there appears to have been another site list update from Google. This update is extremely odd nevertheless and things are happening that are a whole lot different from anything I have ever seen before.

I first noticed a big difference when I went and viewed one of my websites that will be only three months old. Visiting buy here possibly provides cautions you should give to your aunt. The site involved had previously had no page ranking due to being a really new site and in these three days since its introduction, I'd probably obtained twenty or thirty one-way backward links pointing to it. To my amazement it was now showing being a page rank five.

I've quite a few sites certainly one of which is around five years old, it has over four thousand backward links and is really a pr four. After seeing my new site go right in at page ranking five, I quickly visited see how this site had faired in this new update, it had not changed. We learned about benistar online by browsing Google.

After checking all of my websites, I've realized that the sites which had a rank have all remained the same, however the ones which had formerly a rank of zero, now have a rank and have seemingly been part of the newest update.

Several hours later I was considering one of my other websites which has a website pr of two. This splendid site website has oodles of thought-provoking cautions for the inner workings of it. That is where things started to become a bit weird. Visiting link perhaps provides suggestions you should give to your pastor. I pointed out that its outside pages had now become a pr four but the homepage was still only a PR2. What's all that about? The backward links are primarily going to the website so how could this site have a PR compared to outside pages?

I thought I knew a little bit about page ranking but it has thrown me some what.

I then started to consider the various posts in different se boards and others were writing they've experienced exactly like what I had with their sites.

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