Benita Lipps

Advice, training & support for creative innovation in science, culture & events

With more than 10 year of professional experience, I am truly passionate about professional non-profit
management for associations, European projects, instruments, proposals, teams and collaborations.

My goal is to promote innovation and co-creation on the interface of science, innovation and culture
through networking people, curating knowledge and supporting professional management.

We need to collaborate - to share resources & knowledge - to tackle the societal challenges of tomorrow.
Through the DaVinci Institute, we offer to facilitate these collaborations through improved membership
models, social networks, collaborative curation, conferences, workshops and training.

I look forward to connecting with you so we can discuss new ways of linking
people, ideas and knowledge in science, research, culture and innovation.

At the DaVinci Institute, we offer advice, training and support in

Collaboration & Cooperation Management

Association, Member and Stakeholder Engagement

Marketing & Social CRM

Outreach, Education and Event Management

Policy Advice, Strategy Development & Evaluation

for associations, NGOs, non-profits & collaborations in science, culture and performing arts

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