Benjamin Goss

I believe that it is important to leave the lives of those I touch better than when I found them. Whether as a client, coach, mentor, friend, service provider, or project manager, I seek to provide that which is needed as best I can to the betterment of others. Benjamin is the oldest son of four, born in the early 1970's, which was a time of significant political and economic upheaval in the United States. After having been raised in the upstate New York and western Vermont region, Benjamin left for college to attend Philadelphia Biblical University (PBU). While at PBU, then Philadelphia College of Bible, he met his wife, Jenna Prather. Benjamin and Jenna have lived in the Greater Philadelphia Area, the Greater Orlando Area, the Greater Phoenix Area, the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area, and the Greater Kansas City Area. Today, along with a Bull Mastiff named "Sophie," they have 5 incredibly active and intelligent children, 3 boys and 2 girls, who range in age from 3 years to 15 years. Benjamin and Jenna are active in their community and their church, and their children participate in activities ranging from politics, to music, to music lessons, to athletics, and even the Boy Scouts of America.