Benjamin Martin

South Australia

I decided I would split my bio into 2 parts, work stuff and my life in a paragraph, over all it’s about 400 words. So I hope you like reading.

Well, I've been delivering newspapers since I was 11 and have just recently decided that I should start looking for a real job. So I assume you’re here to find out who I am and learn a bit about me. So I won't bore you with my whole life story but I will tell you about me and my recent life. So like I said I've been delivering papers for 4 years now and I want to get myself a real job as sort of a stepping stone to bigger and better things. At the moment I'm hoping to buy my first car and get it registered and all. then I've got to get my licence. Soon I will be going to New Zealand with ventures for 2 weeks and I also want to make sure that I can pay for most of that as well as have spending money, All of this put together is why I am hoping to get a decent job.
I’m not all that interesting so here is a little bit about me and my life, I was born 21/12/99 and haven’t seen my father since I was 2, since about age 5 I wanted to be a train driver. That slowly changed to mechanical engineering and has now started splitting in 2. At the moment I’m torn between engineering and IT, both have great opportunities and both kind of overlap. I kind of hope that fate will make my decisions for me and lead me in the right direction. I love messing around with computers and do a bit of basic Java coding on the side. The papers take up my Tuesday nights and Wednesday after school, I do bowling on Mondays after school and TAFE all Thursday, then on Fridays I have ventures. Only recently have I seen how busy I am with school work building up as I reach the half way point of high school. All the teachers are saying how they are preparing me for year 11 and 12, but the primary school teachers said that they were preparing me for year 8 with tons of homework, then I got to year 8 and just flew through it. I’m secretly hoping it will be the same this time. That about brings you up to speed with my life, like I said I’m not that interesting. If you wish to email me a link is above. Otherwise thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day.

  • Work
    • Lapis MC (Developer)
  • Education
    • Salisbury East High