Benjamin RICHARD

Web Developer, Consultant, and software architect in Lyon, France

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Keen on web development, i practice a lot of PHP over different frameworks like symfony or copix. Even if i also did some #dotNet, #java or #coldfusion, now i use more and more Javascript server-side with #meteorjs (a so cool #nodejs platform). Front-end is also a new part of my job with #VueJS and #Angular (v2+).

So in 2014 i did a talk about meteor at #LyonJs organization (in french , and since the #worldwidemeteorday i leaded a #meteorjs #meetup group in #Lyon for 3 years.

In 2015 i dit a talk at the great #BlendWebMixconference in #Lyon with the following subject : Going faster with MeteorJS (in french

And in 2016 i did a talk on #VueJS at #BlendWebMixconference in #Lyon (in french

I'm not a core contributor to open-source, but i try to help them when i can. You can find some of my contributions in symfony (on code and docs), but also apiPlatform (mostly issues), clarity from VMWare ...:


If you have a project, contact me, i'm sure i may help you.

Except my work, i'm keen on bicycle (road for speed and mountain bike for nature), and i really love my family and my 3 beautiful daughters.

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    • StudioSystems, StudioSante
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    • Master of multimedia