Benjamin Walter

Hong Kong

Benjamin Walter

Hong Kong

​​Born October 3rd 2000

Dad is Irish and French

Mom is Scotish and French

I am a Caper from Cape Breton

Came Hong Kong to live a new life

I am a daredevil...which is why I skateboard, I can also be out of mind

Ample amount of freinds, Richard and Shangbie

Grade 6, student of the month, but grade 3 years was terrifying

Two cats (Iris and Ivy) now are my sisters. They were saved from abusive lady who kept them on a rooftop.

Grade 7, got dog (Maple) we rescued from abuse (kicked, almost killed)

Luckily for them we moved into 2 floor house with same rent as old small apartment

There are more important things out of school like saving animals.

Got I.D card October 3rd, same time I broke my toe!

Want be electrian or a carpenter

change playing many video games

Third cultured kid living schooldays in HK

“I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.” Albery Einstein

  • Education
    • Delia School of Canada