Benjamin Whitehurst

Retreat Facilitator and Life Coach in Durham, North Carolina

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Best contact via text message to +1 303 847 5263.

Are you looking to foster a deeper sense of connection in your community? Based out of Durham, North Carolina, I travel worldwide facilitating events to deepen community through authentic relating and dreamwork.

Wanting a deeper dive? Profound connection with others depends on stabilizing a deeper experience of self.

At the start of the journey inward, most people navigate a maze of self-help books and weekend workshops, haphazardly living a personal change project that is stressful instead of enlightening.

However, to feel alive and connected in life:

* You do not need more techniques.
* You do not need to move elsewhere.
* You do not need more discipline.
* You're goals are not set too high.
* You are not destined to live a mediocre life!

You need a personal development coach.

As your coach, I will help you create the clarity and structure needed to enact change and step into the potential life you dream of. Short-term life coaching can help you implement specific changes, such as beginning to exercise regularly or committing to a specific degree program.

Long-term personal development coaching has even more powerful effects, allowing you to overhaul the basic structure of your life or business. With personal development coaching, you actually become a different person, in the same way you outgrew your childhood self when you became an adult. Throughout this process, my role is to hold you accountable and elicit your potential as you accomplish complex life changes.

  • Education
    • M.A. Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University