Benjamin Talley

Military Research Doctor in McMurdo, Antarctica

U.S Army with experience that extends from Vietnam to Afghanistan from the perspective of an enlisted soldier, non-commissioned officer, and commissioned officer, I am a mission oriented Christ centered patriot committed to the United States Constitution and the preservation of the foundations, institutions and moral values upon which the United States was established and has thrived. Recognizing these as the means by which the United States has become the greatest and most benevolent nation the earth has ever known, and understanding that these foundations, institutions, and values have prospered our nation, I am committed to providing leadership through writing and speaking to help return our nation to a renewed commitment to God, our Constitution, and sound rational governance. I'm a board member of the Tony Hawk Foundation, an adviser to SF based Noise Pop and a T40 National Co-Chair of Technology for Obama.I genuinely have parking karma but my drip coffee skills are a bit overrated. I do communicate well with animals, I'm a sometimes triathlete, a Cubs fan, former bowler, wannabee surfer, lover of languages, art and architecture.I grew up in a small Indiana farming community. Since, l've lived in , Texas , Florida, Chicago and Washington . I've worked a lot of jobs not listed on my resume including short stints as a baseball umpire, basketball camp counselor, pharmacy stock person, high school sports reporter, book bindery glue machine operator, janitor, college newspaper ad salesman & yogurt merchandiser to name a few. It's been an exciting journey so far! I'm a University of Texas alum and have worked for NASA since 2010, primarily in the Space Shuttle & Space Station Programs. I currently work closely with the Astronaut Office medical team for their inter-planetary and Inter-stellar researches especially the search for extra terrestrial civilization. I was a student of Carl Sagan and I have lived his dream to find and communicate with alien intelligence.

  • Work
    • Mcmurdo Station
  • Education
    • University of Texas at Arlington