Dr. Benjamin McKee Baughman, BSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer, Instructor in North Carolina, United States

Dr. Ben Baughman is interested in all aspects of criminal behavior and the systems in place to afford society a safe environment. He graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Throughout his career in law enforcement he served in the following capacities; Patrol Officer, Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator and Coordinator, State Certified Instructor, Crime Analyst, Detective and Sergeant.

In 2003, Dr. Baughman began working on his lifelong goal to become an Educator like his parents and earned his General Instructor Certificate from the State of NC and instructed both new and veteran officers and Hostage Negotiators in the diverse aspects involved in barricaded and/or hostage situations. Additionally, he has taught introductory courses in Investigative Psychology in multiple cities in the United Kingdom to students potentially interested in pursuing academic or professional areas of Investigative/Forensic Psychology.

In 2006, he enrolled at the University of Liverpool studying under Professor Canter to earn a Master of Science in Investigative Psychology. While at the University of Liverpool, he explored patterns and trends in the spatial behavior of offenders, the development of generalized models of criminal geographical activity, criminal behaviors and the utilization of geographical profiling.

Ben followed Professor Canter to the University of Huddersfield to pursue a Ph.D. in Investigative Psychology. After almost 15 years in law enforcement, Dr. Baughman resigned from the RPD to complete his PhD and accepted a role that fits perfectly with his background & education with the NC Justice Academy teaching Sexual Deviant Crime Investigations, Hostage Negotiations & Crisis Management programs working alongside great folks!

Distinguished Service Medal - (for saving a man's life)
A Letter of Commendation - (for work as a Hostage Negotiator)
A Division Commendation - (for work as a Hostage Negotiator)

Dr. Baughman resides in North Carolina with the love of his life, Lily-Suzan where they enjoy the beach, mountains, writing, art, fine wine, family, great meals, their 4 children, their crew of animals and traveling as often as possible.

Their days are spent together creating art, writing, dancing, candlelight, laughter, connecting with God, endless hugs from little Baughmans, family game nights, canine/feline scuffles, romance & magical memories.