Benjamin Liddy

Lenoir, NC

I'm short and overly dramatic at times. I try to be fluid with what life brings, but find myself getting set in my ways. Striving to focus on the positive and enjoy simplicity in life along with my wife, I have followed a calling to travel the world working on technology to give people with a different skill set the tools to impact a much greater amount of people than I ever could.

I've been to some crazy places, eaten crazy food, gotten crazy illnesses. My passion is technology and breaking things to learn how to fix them. My strength lies in willingness to go and do new things, and my weakness is wanting things to be easy. I get angry when I'm hungry. Sometimes I can be too sarcastic, but overall I love to laugh and learn with people I consider friends.

  • Education
    • Western Piedmont Community College
    • Appalachian State University